Our Impact in 2019

  • Over 5,200 volunteers, offering over 36.400 hours of their time.

  • New figures reveal that 16,134 people were found sleeping rough on any given night in England in 2018/19, an increase of 32% on the previous year.

  • Figures reveal that 8,096 people were found sleeping rough on any given night in London in 2018/19, an increase of 7% on the previous year.

  • Rough sleeping in England has now increased by 250% since 2010

  • 24% of rough sleepers have been on the streets for 2 years or more.

  • 108,398 breakfasts served during this year, an average of 297 a day.

  • 5,698 different people used our services during this year.

  • 2,457 people used our advice services during the past year. 566 were women.

  • 24% of people using our services are under 26 years of age.

  • 49 people use the Whitechapel Mission's address to receive their post.

  • 47 people were helped to find employment

  • 58 were referred to drug or alcohol programmes.

  • 298 people received help in claiming benefits.

  • 32% of people using our services have been in care at some point.

  • 15% of people supported by the Whitechapel Mission have been in the armed services.

  • 63 people found permanent accomodation, either a flat or apartment. 312 people found a hostel during this year.

  • 29 birth certificates purchased during this year.

  • 52 people came to us without any form of ID at all.

  • 23,800 showers during this year.

  • 38% of people using our services have been in prison.

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Christmas 2019

Christmas, New Year and Bank Holidays. For most of us, it's a time of celebration, but for those who are homeless, it's too often a day of painful memories of wrong turns, families lost and forgotten love. The Whitechapel Mission is open every day of the year and Christmas is no exception.

We are already planning for Christmas 2019 and would welcome your involvement.

  • Volunteers - We are looking for volunteers to help at Christmas.
    • Breakfast - We are looking for volunteers to help with the preparation of breakfast every day throughout Christmas and the New Year.
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    • Sorting - We are looking for volunteers to help with the sorting of clothing and gifts
    • Office - We are looking for volunteers to assist in the office with taking phone calls and dealing with the post.
    • Deliveries - We are looking for volunteers to help with receiving the deliveries and collections in preparation for Christmas.
    • Advice - We are looking for volunteers to help in our advice room, helping to find hostel spaces and reconnection's with family.
    • Befriending - We are looking for volunteers to sit and chat with people who find themselves alone at Christmas.
  • Finances - We need your financial support to make this work.
  • Donation Button Gifts - We are looking for gifts to help restore broken lives and broken families at this time of year, providing homeless men, women and children with hot meals, safe shelter, and hope. But at Christmas, your generosity gives them something more here at The Whitechapel Mission, a taste of family and the love we all crave. Thank you!
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  • Clothing - Clean, new and gently used clothing of all types is helpful. Large sizes are especially helpful. We are always in need of new underwear/t-shirts and socks, new and gently used jeans and shoes, and professional clothing for those looking for work or re-entering the workforce. In the winter, we are especially in need of warm outerwear: coats, jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves.
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  • Toiletries - new razors, toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, hand cream, shampoo. Many of our community members will come though our doors each morning looking to have a wash, clean their teeth and a shave. as many as 150 people a day will want to have a shower and choose clean clothing.
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Our Christmas programme starts on Saturday 21st December and runs until Wednesday 1st January 2020, where volunteers play an even more important roll in our service provision.

Christmas Volunteering
There are no volunteering vacancies left in the kitchens for Christmas 2019.

Christmas Office Hours
Our office will close for the Christmas holidays on Friday 20th December and will re-open on Monday 6th Jaunary 2020. Our work continues as normal and can be contacted on 03000 111 700.
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Please call 03000 111 700 or e-mail info@whitechapel.org.uk if you need to contact us over Christmas.


We are always grateful for gifts to suppport our work, but please bear in mind that we start work at 5am and can only accept deliveries before noon each day.
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We have staff available to receive your donations and help unload your vehicle every day throughout Christmas from 5am until noon.

Other Times

If it is not convenient to deliver during these hours, please ring the office on 03000 111 400 and we can attempt to arrange for a member of staff to be available at other times.

Please do not attempt to make your delivery outside of these hours without arranging it with us in advance. Items left on our doorstep will never get to us.


The Whitechapel Mission has vehicles used to collect food, clothing and gifts needed for our work. If you have gifts for the Mission, but are having difficulty getting them to us, then it may be possible for us to collect. Last date for Christmas collections is: Friday 20th December

We ask you to bear in mind that our vehicles are costly to run and therefore it is not possible for us to collect small donations.

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Christmas TV Appeal

Have you seen our Christmas Appeal on TV?
No? And you never will!
Your donations are only ever used for direct expense, to assist those in need and never to fund an expensive TV or radio advert.
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A Story You Made Possible


Jane ran away from home at 14 following years of physical and sexual abuse by her father and later by her step-father.
Now a regular visitor to the Womens Centre, she says "Knowing that there is someone there who cares, someone who accepts you the way you are and they are ready to listen. They care about me and they miss me if I don't turn up and that really makes me feel really special, well at least to someone."

Todays Volunteers

We welcome volunteers from:

Our volunteering programme is currently suspended

For the safety of our volunteers and guests
The minimum number of people needed to deliver the services, should be the maximum number of people on-site

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challengeEnglish councils accused of hiding scale of homelessness crisis

Critics point out change of compiling method led to decrease in total count of rough sleepers

The Guardian - 25-02-2019