London Overground Impact


Since February 2019, we have been supported by London Overground in the hope of making a difference for those individuals asking commuters for money on the trains and stations.

Some commuters have chosen to donate money to the charity, some chose to donate food, clothing, and their time. And a huge number of people chose to advise individuals asking for money to visit the centre just outside the Whitechapel Station.

If you see somebody who is homeless or asking for money, we ask that you send them to our centre in Whitechapel. Nobody should have to ask for money on the streets, but we cannot attempt to fix the problem if they do not visit the centre and engage with the advice workers. The free meals and free services are just a magnet to get people through the door. We are here to fix problems, not perpetuate them.

We wish to offer our sincere thanks to London Overground and their passengers for a very generous response. We also wish to thank London Overground staff for the multiple volunteering days donated, serving meals and sorting clothing and supporting those asking for assistance.