Thank you to all the supporters who helped us remain open every day to serve free food to all in need during the pandemic.

Thank you for your support

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Our centre in Whitechapel has remained open throughout this pandemic, as many as 600 free meals being served each day

and we will remain open

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We need to field a team of 100 runners and we hope that you may be interested in running with us, and by doing so, helping us raise the much needed funds to support some of London's most vulnerable.

25th July, 2021

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Christmas Preparations


Breakfast is Served


Hot Cuppa


Cooking Meals


Staff Arriving


Tea or Coffee


More eggs please


Another bath of sausages


Service with a smile

How you can help

We are already planning for Christmas 2020 and would welcome your involvement.

  • Finances - We need your financial support to make this work.
  • Donation Button Gifts - We are looking for gifts to help restore broken lives and broken families at this time of year, providing homeless men, women and children with hot meals, safe shelter, and hope. But at Christmas, your generosity gives them something more here at The Whitechapel Mission, a taste of family and the love we all crave. Thank you!
  • Clothing - Clean, new and gently used clothing of all types is helpful. Large sizes are especially helpful. We are always in need of new underwear/t-shirts and socks, new and gently used jeans and shoes, and professional clothing for those looking for work or re-entering the workforce. In the winter, we are especially in need of warm outerwear: coats, jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves.
  • Toiletries - new razors, toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, hand cream, shampoo. Many of our community members will come though our doors each morning looking to have a wash, clean their teeth and a shave. as many as 150 people a day will want to have a shower and choose clean clothing.
    Our current needs

Christmas Message

100% Donation Policy

Donation Pie Chart

How we use your donations

The Trustees of the Whitechapel Mission are proud to confirm that we operate on a unique 100% donations policy. Every penny of every donation received is used strictly for charitable purposes.

The Trustees understand the importance and responsibility that comes with running a charity and accountability it brings.

All the charity's administrative and fundraising costs are covered by:

  • Investment income
  • Income generated from the Whitechapel Mission building. Money raised from rental income

People asking for money on our trains

  • We offer free food, free showers, free clothing and free advice and counseling to all those in need.
  • Free access to medical advice, free access to educational classes and free access to benefits advice, job club and housing advice.
  • Daycentre open every day of the year, and staff on-site 24 hours a day.
  • Advice centre open until 4pm weekdays.
  • We are open to all, regardless of their background, race, sex, religion or origin.

Frequently Asked Questions

A free breakfast served daily at 8am

A free lunch served daily

Showers available weekdays at 8:30am - appointment only

Clothing available via showers daily

Advice workers available weekdays from 9am - appointment only

Computer Suite available weekdays from 9am - appointment only

Yes. We welcome donations of non-perishable food, toiletries and clothing on any weekday from 5am until 4pm and weekends from 5:30am until noon.

It is possible to make donations outside of these hours, if you can call us and arrange.

We are not able to accept duvets and pillows. And we cannot accept pre-cooked food.

Rarely. Our entrance is in Maples Place, E1 1BJ and it has parking bays. These are usually full most of the day from 8am

It is possible to park outside of our carpark gates, for a short time to unload (in the same road)

If you call us in advance and inform us of your vehicle registration number, we can have the gates open for you to park.

No. We remain in a national lockdown2 until 2nd December. We await news as to which tear London will be placed in after the lockdown.

We are grateful for the interest in volunteering onsite, but we need to keep volunteers, guests and staff safe.


Yes. We are in the process of planning our Christmas Programme. This is going to be a difficult winter for those sleeping on our streets, with reduced services this year, and very few places available to get a hot cooked meal.

Please follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter. Watch out for our Christmas Updates: #OurChristmasMission

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