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Priority Partners

There is no charge for volunteering at the Whitechapel Mission. We wish to encourage volunteering as a concept and especially volunteering at the Whitechapel Mission. This means that our volunteering programme is very popular and we must always leave room for our long-term supporters. Priority over our diary will always go to our Priority Partners.

  • Why are some names in red?
    These organizations are members of our 5000Club and recognized as Priority Partners
  • Why can't we book a Breakfast Challenge more than 3 months in advance?
    We have to give our priority partners first chance at the diary and only those organizations can book that far a head. Our experience also shows that bookings made more than 3 month inadvance get cancelled more often than not.
  • Are we limited to how many dates we can book each month?
    Due to the popularity of our Breakfast Challenge, we can usually only offer one date in a given month. It is possible to book more of the other challenges
  • Why are some dates reporting "*Provisionally booked" in Grey
    These dates have been requested by a group but not yet confirmed by staff at the Mission. We will always attempt to confirm at least 2 months in advance.
  • Can we still request dates reporting "*Provisionally booked" in Grey
    This is possible, but you are only likely to get the date, if the first request is not confirmed or they pull out
  • We would like to request a number of dates over the next 12 months. Is this possible?
    This is usually reserved for 5000Club members only
  • We have requested a date, but not been contacted yet?
    This usually happens when you book a long way in advance and we are not able to confirm yet. We will be in touch
  • We have requested a date, but now need to cancel?
    Of course, there may always be very good reasons which may force you to cancel, but we do need a high level of commitment once the date has been agreed by both parties. Cancelling with months of notice isn't a problem at all.
    Failing to show or canceling at short notice is likely to result in us not being able to accept another request to volunteer.