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Sorting Room

Sorting tables

Sorting Room

Sorting tables

Bulk Storage

Socks, Underpants and T-shirts


Shirts and Trousers

Measuring Tables

Everything needs to be meassured and labled


Hanging Trousers


Hanging Shirts


SOrting Socks


Clothing Hatch We operate one of the largest clothing stores in the UK, with van loads of clothing arriving every week from supporters all over the country.

This all needs sorting and measuring, made ready for distribution. Thanks to an army of volunteers we manage to ensure there is an ample supply for the showers and for giving out to those who need.

With over a 150 people a day using our shower facilities and each and every one of them is looking for a change of clothing. Many others are trying to build a wardrobe of clothing as they attempt to rebuild their lives. As a result there is a constant need for clean, used clothing to be sorted, measured and sized and hung, ready for distribution.

We are totally reliant upon donations of clothing and an army of volunteers to sort. These teams are responsible for ensuring there is sufficient clothing available for the showers each morning at The Whitechapel Mission.

The opening of sacks of donated clothing, the sorting, removing the items that we can not use and placing the items we wish to keep into crates of similar items, trousers in one box, shirts in another etc.