Gift Sorting Challenge

Gift Sorting Room

Sorting tables

Gift Sorting Room

Sorting tables


Socks, Underpants and T-shirts


Shirts and Trousers

Sorting Food

Everything needs to be meassured and labled

Packing Food

Hanging Shirts

Sell by Dates

Sorting Socks


Hanging Trousers

Gift Sorting Challenge

At particular times of the year, we can receive large amounts of toiletries and food. Usually at Harvest time and also Christmas.

A Gift-Sorting Challenge needs to be a team of people of no less than 8 people and no more than 16 people. 12 is a good number. These teams are responsible for ensuring there is sufficient toiletires items available for the showers and kitchens each morning at The Whitechapel Mission.

We will ensure that there are always staff to supervise/assist. Our building has been designed to be a safe environment to work and have a positive introduction to our work. During hot weather, we will ensure that we can supply water, regular breaks and a cool environment to work. We request that your team are on-site by 8:45am latest as this is a team building challenge and it is a better experience if all the team can arrive together. We will be all done and ready to leave by 12:30.

We require that volunteers are over 18 and able to spend a long time on their feet.

The challenge is made-up of two parts:

  • The opening of boxes of donated gifts, the sorting, removing the items that we can not use and placing the items we wish to keep into crates of similar items, cereals in one box, sauces in another etc.
  • The second part of the challenge is the date marking, ready for distribution.

If you have an interest in getting people in your organization to work more effectively as a team, would like an icebreaker to integrate new members into your group or would just like to organize a fun day out, then a Whitechapel Mission Team Challenge experience could be just what you are looking for.

A Whitechapel Mission Team Challenge offers an unusual and free alternative to the myriad of outdoor 'corporate training' days now on offer. Your employees will join regular Whitechapel Mission staff - making a real difference for some of London's homeless while working as a team and having fun. We do not charge volunteering groups to get involved with our volunteering program, but many choose to financially support us and our priority corporate supporters will always get preference when it comes to volunteering dates and booking.

This volunteering challenge is not bookable through the website. If you are interested in a Gift-Sorting Challenge, please ring Sue to discuss your needs - 020 7392 2701

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