Registered Charity

The Trustees understand the importance and responsibility that comes with running a charity and accountability it brings.

Every single pound that the Whitechapel Mission receives is fully allocated to its designated project. Not a single penny is removed for other purposes. Read our 100% Donation Policy.

The Whitechapel Mission does not tender for "commissioned services". Many charities compete to deliver public services. As most of these charities are publicly funded, is there really much difference between a charity or a government department delivering a public service? The trustees uphold the view that charities should not undertake mandatory duties on behalf of local authorities, but should undertake discretionary duties.

At the last count, more than one fifth of British charities – around 34,000 – took money from the Government. And when contributions from the National Lottery are taken into account, charities received more money from government in 2010 than they did from voluntary donations. Although many of these organizations do wonderful and necessary work, it does bring into question as to what is a charit .

For example, some charities now receives around 95 per cent of their income from a combination of government and the lottery grants. It is no longer possible for them to highlight the injustices some people have to face, if their funder is the cause of the injustice.

We wish to remain an independant  charity, delivering services where and when needed, without restriction and without a funder dictating who we can help, how we can help them or when we can help.