Deep Clean

With the Mission being open every day of the year we struggle to keep the very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene needed in our kitchens. Of course everyday ends with a thorough clean, but it needs more.

On a regular basis we need to strip everything out of the kitchen, leaving just bare walls and ceiling and then to even take them down, clean it all and put it back.

This is a huge undertaking that requires many man hours, and we don't want to interrupt the service we offer to the homeless. The only way is the "Whitechapel Deep Clean". A challenge day requiring many volunteers to assist us strip the kitchen, clean every item thoroughly and put it all back within 6 hours, and we cannot start until 11am.

We need your help and we need it now!

We need to do the same for the dining area, the toilets and the showers.

We want volunteering at Whitechapel to be fun, rewarding and challenging.

Volunteers hard at workCleaning the extractor fans
Volunteers hard at workAnd the shutters
Volunteers hard at workNew gloves please
Volunteers hard at workCleaning the extractor ducting
Volunteers hard at workCeiling tiles being washed and replaced
Volunteers hard at workand worktops being scrubbed
Volunteers hard at workUnderneath as well please
Volunteers hard at workFood store floor being scrubbed
Volunteers hard at workand dinning tables
Volunteers hard at workWiping the seats as the tables go back in
Volunteers hard at workScrubbing the dinning area
Volunteers hard at workCeiling tiles going back
Volunteers hard at workLunch break
Volunteers hard at worktime for a cuppa and a sandwich
Volunteers hard at workglad they are not my feet