Get Cooking

Aim of the Get Cooking

To support, encourage and assist homeless and social exclusion people, regardless of background, to improve their lives, by equipping them with skills sustain tenancies, employment and integration into the wider community.

  • a sense of achievement
  • increased confidence
  • an understanding of basic hygiene
  • healthy eating
  • good health and well-being
  • an enjoyable experience
  • devise and deliver a programme based on identified individual needs
  • provide resources, advice and training with a goal to encourage independent living
Equal Opportunities

Whitechapel values diversity and as such recognises that service users come from a diverse range of cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The staff will ensure that the service user's needs and wants are responded to in a pro-active way whilst ensuring equal access to services and support that reflects their diverse needs.

Support provided by the Lifeskills Unit

The Centre will offer a full range of services from within the Whitechapel Mission, their locality, the local authority and other support agencies as appropriate.

Areas of support offered to tenants are:

  • to develop their ability to live independently and sustain a tenancy
  • to develop and maintain an involvement within the Mission and the local community
  • budgeting skills
  • leisure and social activities
  • daily practical living
  • practical and emotional support
  • to assist in developing and maintaining family and social networks

The Centre aims to respond to needs as they arise and to deliver a pro-active service.

Our Impact in 2017

  • Over 3,332 volunteers, offering over 23,493 hours of their time.

  • New figures reveal that 3,569 people were found sleeping rough on any given night in England in 2015, an increase of 30% on the previous year.

  • Rough sleeping in England has now doubled since 2010

  • 24% of rough sleepers have been on the streets for 2 years or more.

  • 109,131 breakfasts served during this year, an average of 298 a day.

  • 4,871 different people used our services during this year.

  • 3,117 people used our advice services during the past year. 312 were women.

  • 18% of people using our services are under 26 years of age.

  • 32 people use the Whitechapel Mission's address to receive their post.

  • 29 people were helped to find employment

  • 11 were referred to drug or alcohol programmes.

  • 256 people received help in claiming benefits.

  • 32% of people using our services have been in care at some point.

  • 15% of people supported by the Whitechapel Mission have been in the armed services.

  • 97 people found permanent accomodation, either a flat or apartment. 169 people found a hostel during this year.

  • 20 birth certificates purchased during this year.

  • 19 people came to us without any form of ID at all.

  • 25,800 showers during this year.

  • 38% of people using our services have been in prison.

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challengeSay NO to Polystyrene

We have decided to remove all polystyrene products from our service provision.

Thank You

Thank you card

We would like to offer a very special thank you to the 190 people who support the Whitechapel Mission through a Standing Order from their bank or through their credit card.

Regular Giving is very important to sustaining the work of the Mission and we could do with a few more people donating by Standing Order.
Could you afford £3 a month?

And a further thank you to the 1,726 people who have gift-aided their donations to the Whitechapel Mission this year.

Gift-aid added a further £34,100 to donations this year.

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