Regular Giving - Hope Partners

People sleeping in doorways and upon our streets has been a common sight for many years and there is no sign of the numbers reducing, and until something is done to address the causes of homelessness, the numbers will continue to rise each year.

A dontaion today will allow us to help those coming through the door tomorrow, but there will be people coming through our door next month and next year. Regular giving lets us bring hope every day and offer an opportunity for people to change their lives.

We are making an Urgent Appeal for people to onsider making a regular gift to the Whitechapel Mission, and let us bring hope everyday – one gift each month of any amount. These gifts are transforming the lives of men and women in London, and not just today.

You can make your monthly gift by Credit Card, cheque or Bankers Order, or to become a Hope Partner, simply email us or call 020 7247 8280 and we post or email the forms.

As a Hope Partner, your benefits include:

  • Reduced mail
  • Invitations to The Whitechapel Mission local events
  • Annual Invitation to the Thanksgiving Service

Your regular support as a Hope Partner helps The Whitechapel Mission:

  • We can help more people. We are saving time and money, so more resources go directly to help homeless men and women we serve.
  • We can plan better. We know we can count on your gift each month to provide critically needed meals and other help.
  • We can reduce the amount of mail we send. That saves us paper, postage costs -- and it's better for the environment.

If you could contribute regularly, we would ask you to print and complete a Bankers Order. Even if it is only a few of pounds a month, it makes a huge difference to our work. £3 a month is actually worth far more to us than £36 a year.

Please consider regular giving.

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