Corporate Support

By supporting The Whitechapel Mission, your company will be contributing towards an effective solution, at a local level, that will have a lasting impact for individuals on the streets of London. You can also feel confident that you are entering into a relationship that is mutually beneficial, professional and innovative.

A partnership with The Whitechapel Mission offers:

Hands Together
  • The opportunity to generate positive PR
  • Public display of commitment to highly motivating cause
  • A unique selling point over competitors
  • Enhanced staff morale and development
  • Team building opportunities
  • Networking opportunities for senior management
  • An opportunity to show good corporate citizenship in action

In all our corporate partnerships we aim to provide measurable successes, both for our partners and for ourselves.
This means you can be sure you are achieving the best outcome from your support.

Financial Year ending 2018

We have achieved our goal to reduce our administration and fundraising costs even further this year, whilst increasing our impact and the numbers we see each day.

  • Administration costs down to 1.3% of gross income and 0% of donation income
  • Fundraising costs down to 1.6% of gross income and 0% of donation income
  • Investment income continues to fund all administration, fundraising, electricity, gas and telephone costs and with a wider margin.
  • We continue to operate without taking funding from local or national government
  • We continue to achieve the best outcomes from the support of our partners.
Charity of the Year

Charity of the year As a London based charity with a reputation for delivering services to the homeless and fantastic volunteering opportunities , choosing The Whitechapel Mission as your Charity of the Year or Charity of Choice will provide you with huge benefits, particularly for longer term partnerships.

We can offer a personal point of contact who will help you meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) aims by providing a bespoke package tailored to your needs whilst providing opportunities for targeted PR and PR support.

Other benefits include:

  • demonstrate your commitment to CSR issues to existing and potential customers and other stakeholders.
  • employee involvement through our fundraising and volunteering programmes.
  • increased team morale, motivation and customer loyalty.

Sponsorship packages with The Whitechapel Mission come in all different forms and can be tailored to suit your business objectives.

Sponsorship can:

  • improve your company's profile
  • improve brand perception
  • reach a desired target audience

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The Whitechapel Mission's sponsorship packages

There are a number of opportunities for sponsorship with The Whitechapel Mission:

  • events, including balls, conferences and 10k races
  • publications, reports and other key materials
  • areas of our work with homeless people

Get involved and bring hope where there is despair.

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Employee Involvement

The Whitechapel Mission's team building challenges are a really great way of getting employees out of their comfort zone and working together for a great cause.

Employee involvement has real benefits for employer, employee and for The Whitechapel Mission. By encouraging your staff to work together on fundraising projects, you give them the opportunity to develop team working and acquire new skills. Not only can this improve staff morale and motivation, it can also enhance your company's image with staff, suppliers and the community.

The growing understanding of the 'employer brand' has led companies to evaluate their image in the eyes of their existing and prospective employees.

Why not make The Whitechapel Mission your company's Charity of the Year? It's a great way to get staff focused on supporting our work. Offering your staff the opportunity to work together and support The Whitechapel Mission can lead to concrete short and long term business benefits:

  • enhanced team spirit and motivation
  • cross-corporate commitment to an agreed cause
  • lower staff turnover and greater productivity
  • increased 'employer brand' value as a progressive, socially responsible company
  • enhanced corporate image among shareholders, customers, and the local community
  • Our team will work closely with you to determine the activities that will work best for your managers, divisions and staff

We provide a range of team challenges varying from competitive fundraising to 'hands-on' team-building activities.

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Longer Term Partnerships

A longer term partnership has a number of advantages in addition to those listed above:

  • employees and customers can gain a great understanding of what The Whitechapel Mission does and become enthused and motivated to become involved
  • working with The Whitechapel Mission for longer means staff and customers will be able to see the difference they are making to the lives of London's most vulnerable people
  • longer partnerships gives us the financial security to plan further in the future and provide a better service to the homeless with whom we work
Payroll Giving

A simple, quick and tax efficient way for staff to give to The Whitechapel Mission - and the easiest way for your company to make a lasting difference

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Donate Goods & Gifts

The Whitechapel Mission accepts various types of donations. All donations may be dropped off at The Whitechapel Mission. Donations accepted weekdays from 6am until 3pm and weekends from 6am to 1pm.

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