Donations in Kind

The Whitechapel Mission is always grateful to receive any donations in support of our work. We do not dictate what we are prepared to accept. If you feel that the gift will be useful in our work with homeless people, then we will be grateful to receive.

We have an abundance We are managing We need help! We are desperate!
Dressing Gowns
Sleeping Bags Socks & Chocs
Wollen Hats
Wollen Gloves
Wollen Scarves
Tinned/Dry Food
We have an abundance We are managing We need help! We are desperate!
Brown Sauce
Tinned Vegetables
Sandwich Spread
Tinned Tuna/Fish
Tinned Fruit
Tinned Meat
Pot Noodles
Baked Beans
Breakfast Cereal
Plum Tomatoes (not chopped)
Instant Hot Chocolate
We have an abundance We are managing We need help! We are desperate!
Trousers 36" waist and above
Light Sweaters
Women's Clothing
Winter Jackets
Winter Coats
Mens Gloves
Black Woollen Hats
Woollen Scarves
Baseball Caps
Padded Shirts
Mens Underwear
Jeans 28-36"
Mens Trainers
Mens Shoes
Trousers 28-34"
Hand Towels
Bath Towels
We have an abundance We are managing We need help! We are desperate!
Bubble Bath
Ladies Make-up
Hand Cream
Face Cream
Body Lotion
Body Wash
Shaving Foam

Our Impact in 2018

  • Over 4,600 volunteers, offering over 27,690 hours of their time.

  • New figures reveal that 4,134 people were found sleeping rough on any given night in England in 2017, an increase of 32% on the previous year.

  • Figures reveal that 8,096 people were found sleeping rough on any given night in London in 2017, an increase of 7% on the previous year.

  • Rough sleeping in England has now increased by 169% since 2010

  • 24% of rough sleepers have been on the streets for 2 years or more.

  • 101,835 breakfasts served during this year, an average of 279 a day.

  • 5,412 different people used our services during this year.

  • 2,917 people used our advice services during the past year. 296 were women.

  • 18% of people using our services are under 26 years of age.

  • 28 people use the Whitechapel Mission's address to receive their post.

  • 36 people were helped to find employment

  • 41 were referred to drug or alcohol programmes.

  • 198 people received help in claiming benefits.

  • 32% of people using our services have been in care at some point.

  • 15% of people supported by the Whitechapel Mission have been in the armed services.

  • 79 people found permanent accomodation, either a flat or apartment. 258 people found a hostel during this year.

  • 12 birth certificates purchased during this year.

  • 27 people came to us without any form of ID at all.

  • 23,800 showers during this year.

  • 38% of people using our services have been in prison.

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  • Stephenson Harwood

    Superhero in the City - 5k Run

    We are running in the Superhero in the City event to raise money for Whitechapel Mission. Its a 5k run and we will be dressed in capes and masks. For more details on the event see here-

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  • Monopoly Challenge

    Monopoly Challenge

    Take in London’s iconic landmarks in this challenge within the heart of the capital.

    The date for the 2019 challenge is: Thursday 20th June. Time: noon - 4pm

    Support the homeless by taking on the Monopoly Challenge.

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  • Deltra Group

    Deltra Group

    The team at Deltra Group, a London-based recruitment agency, who resource for organisations in need of support to strengthen their programme and project teams, are passionate about helping their clients find the best possible candidate for their organisations. They now want to extend this good will towards those who need an extra helping hand.

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  • Helene Williamson - Climbing Kilimanjaro

    Helene Williamson

    I'm climbing to 5,895m (that's the top) of Kilimanjaro in June in aid of amazing homeless charity Whitechapel Mission. Apart from the climb itself, it's going to be nine days without wifi, espresso or hot showers, as we sleep in tents the whole way up and down.

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  • Good Giving

    Image of a Gift Certificate

    A gift that makes a real difference.

    Looking for the perfect present? Don’t know what to buy?

    How about a gift that can help change the life of a homeless person?

    Whatever your budget and whoever you’d like to buy for, there’s a full range for you choose from. And to recognise your donation we’ll send a gift certificate in the name of your friend, relative or loved one for them to open on their special day.

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We have staff available to receive your donations and help unload your vehicle on weekdays from 5am until 3pm


We have staff available to receive your donations and help unload your vehicle on weekends from 5am until noon. We would always recommend letting us know you plan to deliver at the weekend.

Other Times

If it is not convenient to deliver during these hours, please ring the office on 03000 111 400 and we can attempt to arrange for a member of staff to be available at other times.

Please do not attempt to make your delivery outside of these hours without arranging it with us in advance. Items left on our doorstep will never get to us.

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