Our Impact in 2019

  • Over 5,200 volunteers, offering over 36.400 hours of their time.

  • New figures reveal that 16,134 people were found sleeping rough on any given night in England in 2018/19, an increase of 32% on the previous year.

  • Figures reveal that 8,096 people were found sleeping rough on any given night in London in 2018/19, an increase of 7% on the previous year.

  • Rough sleeping in England has now increased by 250% since 2010

  • 24% of rough sleepers have been on the streets for 2 years or more.

  • 108,398 breakfasts served during this year, an average of 297 a day.

  • 5,698 different people used our services during this year.

  • 2,457 people used our advice services during the past year. 566 were women.

  • 24% of people using our services are under 26 years of age.

  • 49 people use the Whitechapel Mission's address to receive their post.

  • 47 people were helped to find employment

  • 58 were referred to drug or alcohol programmes.

  • 298 people received help in claiming benefits.

  • 32% of people using our services have been in care at some point.

  • 15% of people supported by the Whitechapel Mission have been in the armed services.

  • 63 people found permanent accomodation, either a flat or apartment. 312 people found a hostel during this year.

  • 29 birth certificates purchased during this year.

  • 52 people came to us without any form of ID at all.

  • 23,800 showers during this year.

  • 38% of people using our services have been in prison.

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What we Do

At The Whitechapel Mission, we have been helping Londoners to help the homeless since 1876, meeting the specific needs of each man and woman who walks through our doors. First, we help the homeless by meeting immediate needs: food, shelter, clothing, and medical care. In our recovery programs, we address deeper needs for life-skills and job skills training, and addiction recovery. We measure our progress against four criteria, which indicate to us that a life has been transformed from homelessness to hope: connection to family, commitment to sobriety, a job and a place to live, and a plan for the future.

Today, The Whitechapel Mission is a results-oriented organization that is recognized as one of London's most effective.

We meet basic needs

This is done by offering: hot breakfasts and lunch, showers, clothing, hairdressing, optician, medical care, dentistry, befriending and advising on: night shelters, hostels, benefits, identification documents, form filling, debt counseling, entitlements, finding appropriate help. Learn more about our Daycentre >>>

Phone Charging

About 70 people a morning will ask us to charge their mobile phones.

Postal Address

A number of people use the Mission for an address, to receive mail and connect with family, employers and landlords.

Resettlement and Tenancy Support

A process which often is long and slow and involves many fresh starts. It can include the following stages.

  • Housing
    Helping with establishing housing rights, referrals to local authorities, permanent and temporary accommodation, special needs housing, help in setting up home, links with specialist services, ongoing support.
  • Education, training and employment
    Basic computer training, help with basic literacy and numeracy, introduction to word processing, links with adult education colleges. Learn more about our Life-skills Centre >>>
  • Tenancy Support
    Once we have helped find accommodation we continue the support, training and life-skills to encourage a continued tenancy.
Whitechapel House

Provides 13 self-contained flats, offering affordable housing for London's key workers.

Last year we spent almost £600,000, of which less than 2% was for management and fundraising. The rest was direct expenditure. This does not include the value of food and other donations in kind. Will you help us?

Please call 03000 111 400 or e-mail info@whitechapel.org.uk for further information.


challengeEnglish councils accused of hiding scale of homelessness crisis

Critics point out change of compiling method led to decrease in total count of rough sleepers

The Guardian - 25-02-2019


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A Story You Made Possible


Joe's life fell apart when his marriage collapsed and he found himself without anywhere to live. With our help and support, he was able to leave the streets of Whitechapel and take on a permanent tenancy. The next step was to find Joe a job and with the help of one of our corporate partners, we were able to find Joe a job in the mail-room of a large bank. Now Joe no-longer needs the Mission and we very rarely see him.

Our Current Needs

View our needs today.

What we are short of, what we are desperately short of, what we have enough of and what we have an abundance of.

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